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v o c a l   d u o

Hello, we are Doris & Sophia, a multi-genre vocal swingin’ sisters duo who love to

perform on stage and make people happy.


Our point of action is Prague, with it’s various jazz clubs and venues,

festivals and theaters all across the country and beyond.


If you want to meet the spirit of a forgotten time but experience something completely new,

we tell you,

the Hot Sisters will take you with them, you’ll see ;-)


We like to play our own compositions and recover old treasures in an original way. Hot jazz?

You may be surprised if you’ll hear out of a sudden an opera tune,

a tango, chanson or house music and beatbox after a faithfully replicated vintage song,

but that’s exactly what we love to do :-)


As we are lucky and greatful to have a lot of friends among the best swing,

jazz, blues, funky and vintage musicians in Prague,

we are always happy if there is an occasion to play together,

wheter we invite them with us or they take us with them!

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